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Garden Ornaments

Make Your Garden Beautiful by Adding Ornaments from Us

There is a lot of work and planning that goes into making your lawn and garden area beautiful. You select the perfect flower colors, the perfect lawn cover, excellent decorative mulch, and more.

You spend hours weeding, trimming, mowing and coaxing your plants to look their very best. In many ways, a lovely garden is an ornament.

But you can add to the elegance, grace, humor or beauty of your garden with the perfect ornaments.

Garden Ornaments

What is a garden ornament, and what makes it different from the other lovely things that are in your garden? Garden ornaments are objects that are used in conjunction with the lawn cover, flower beds, shrubs and trees that make up the vegetation in your garden.

They can be figures, statues, decorative waterers, fountains, edging, paving stones, or just about anything that increases the beauty of your outdoor space.

Garden Statues

Garden statues can be used to make a statement about how you feel about your garden. Your garden statues might be reflections of your spiritual life, or they might be whimsical fantasy creatures.

They could simply be something that you found entertaining or beautiful. Nested in your flowerbeds, they make a charming addition to your garden.

Stone Garden Ornaments

Stone is an excellent choice for ornaments that are going to be outdoors in all sorts of weather. Although they might wear after a time, they will usually remain lovely for many years.

Some types of stones wear better than others. Stone Garden Ornaments doesn’t rust, nor does it break down from being exposed to sunlight.

Metal Garden Ornaments

Metal garden ornaments are another good choice, especially bronze or copper. Although some items containing copper might develop a green patina after a time, they tend to outlast iron ornaments.

Iron tends to rust unless it has a yearly application of some sort of paint or preservative.

Garden Décor

Garden decor can be themed. It might be fantasy, religious, or a celebration of life out-of-doors. It could incorporate sculptures of people doing things they love, such as a gardener hard at work, or children reading a book together.

Other ideas could be small wildlife creatures tucked into your flower beds. Bunnies, frogs, or turtles are favorites for this. Lifelike deer, dogs or even cats are also favorites.

Animal Statues

Cats, dogs, farm or wild animals can certainly be part of your garden ornament collection. They can be made from stone or metal, and are incredibly charming when tucked into flower beds, set to guard pathways, or made part of the display beneath a gazebo, arbor or arch.

Cats and dogs are a great favorite, but so are elegant Chanticleers, silly geese or graceful swans. Frogs, toads or foxes can also make an appearance, along with more exotic creatures such as penguins or seahorses.

Buddhas and Great Stone Heads

Your garden can imitate the ornaments found in other places, such as copies of the many statues of Buddha that can be found in a variety of places. Whether he is reclining or reaching up his arms in celebration, a cheery Buddha statue can lift the heart.

Both the Olmecs and the Rapa Nui of the Easter Islands carved giant heads. Recently, it was discovered that Moai, the giant heads of the Easter Islands, actually had bodies that time has covered. But your garden statues can simply be heads that remind of the passage of time.

Nor should the terracotta warriors be ignored. If you need a fierce guardian for your little bit of paradise, could you possibly be without these exquisite replicas? Perhaps you might not want a whole army of them, but they can be a reminder to behave and stay on the paths!

Bird Baths

Bird baths are wonderful additions to your garden. When you offer fresh water each day, birds will reward you with a never-ending song for your garden.

They also catch insects, and sometimes some birds even act as pollinators for your flowering plants or shrubs. At the very least of it, they add color and life to your lawn and garden scape.

Fountains and other Water Features

Water isn’t just for the birds. It can trickle into beds that need nearly continuous refreshing or simply be recycled to flow over stones or other water features to produce a pleasant sound.

A lady carrying a jug out of which water spills or even just a simple sphere from which water bubbles up can produce added interest to your lovely garden.

Fire for Your Garden

Of course, you don’t want a messy fire pit, but sometimes it is convenient to have a bit of flame in your backyard garden. This is where braziers and Chimneas come in.

Braziers or Fire Pits

Here is a handy place to have a small bonfire near your outdoor living space or even a place to burn vegetable waste or twigs from your garden.

If you choose to toast a bit of bread, a sausage or two, or brown a marshmallow, your sedate flame will be neatly held in a beautiful metalwork container. Fire pits can sometimes even be fire tables where you can keep a kettle warm for a spot of tea, or even mull some cider.


Chimeneas are a more contained version of the brazier or fire pit. The flame is only approached from one side of the unit, the back being either screened in or solid.

They have a short chimney feature (hence the name) that carries the smoke away from the user, making them a little more enjoyable for your outdoor time.


What garden could possibly be complete without a sundial to count the shining hours? Each sundial is made of aged brass, and set on one of four different plinths for a beautiful effect.

You have the choice of stone with carved vines, a Victorian pear-shape, or hour-glass plinth. Color choices for the plinths include burnt umber or aged Cotswold.

Formal Planters

While beds might be best for most ornamental plants, some will need to be taken in during the winter months. Yet most plants benefit from being outdoors at least part of the day.

Formal planters create a place where more prosaic flower pots can be set to display your more delicate beauties.

Paving Slabs

Paving slabs can be simple squares of concrete or they can be magnificently ornamental. They can be simple shapes, natural stones, or commemorative.

They can provide walkways or a space where you can place your lawn furniture and potted plants for a beautiful effect. They also have the practical application of keeping your shoes out of the mud and directing foot traffic around your precious vegetation.

Decorative Gravel Mulch

Allow moisture to percolate down to tree roots or into similar areas, but maintain a mud-free, even ornamental appearance on the surface.

Decorative gravel is ideal for pathways where pavers are not practical, or for areas between beds, to help define and shape formal arrangements.

Metal Gazebos

Trail delicate vines or flowers over metal gazebos for an arbor-like effect. Moonflowers or columbine are especially effective for this, with their delicate vines and beautiful blooms.

The gazebos might be in a variety of delicate shapes, ranging from a bluebird or cream round metal shape with a domed top to a much smaller unit that sports a cockerel weathervane on its top. Alternatively, you can leave the gazebo bare to simply enjoy the fine metalworking.

Arches and Arbors

Another way to enjoy vines of all sorts is to train them up on arches and arbors. Use arches to define the entrance to an area, or simply to help create a background.

go very nicely with paved areas, and are an opportunity to create natural shade over an outdoor living room space. Both arches and arbors can be combined with pathways, border fencing, and other fine ornamental work.

These are only a few of the many amazing ideas and decorative items that we have for your garden. Whatever you choose, we know that it will be lovely because gardens are beautiful.

Whether you have an ornamental garden that focuses on shrubs and flowers, an edible landscape, or even a Xeriscape garden, we are sure that we have ornaments that will blend with your selections.

Regardless of the theme you want for your garden, formal, mystical, whimsical or practical, we are sure to have the perfect decorations to enhance your enjoyment.