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Wall Fountains, Drinking Taps and Sinks

Wall fountains and other ornamental sinks for courtyard and garden. Made in Italy from crushed Carrera marble and white cement. All drinking taps and sink water features are finished by hand. Frost resistant. Products can be purchased with or without taps and fixings. All ornaments are finished 'Antica' (antiqued), unless stated.
Fontana Tevere

H 124cm W 75x53cm 119kg
Brass Tap available.

Rubinetto A Muro Lione (grande)

H 146cm W 80cm 165kg
Brass Tap available.

Fontana A Muro Varsavia

H 142cm W 104cm 262kg
Optional tap & fittings

Fontana A Muro Regina

H 184cm W 105cm 267kg.

Fontana A Muro

H 140cm W 108cm 370kg
Brass Tap available.

Fontana A Muro Palermo

H 158cm Vasca 119x62cm 295kg
Optional tap & fittings.

Fontana A Muro Roma

H 158cm W 119cm 295kg