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Stone Planters and Ornamental Garden Vases

Various large, ornamental garden planters, tubs, trophies and big vases made in Italy from crushed Carrara marble and white cement. A frost resistant finish that will last for many years. Ornaments are supplied in 'Antica' (antiqued) unless otherwise stated.
Fioriera Ginestra

H 43cm (including base feet) W 100x35cm 90kg.

Vaso Frastaglio

H 76cm Base 32x32cm 97kg.

Vaso Rose

H 77cm Base 39cm 115kg.

Vaso Alpins

H 62cm W 72cm 117kg.

Vaso Girasole

H 62cm W 82cm 169kg.

Vaso Venezia Con Manici

H 75cm 112kg.

Vaso Felce (grande)

H 90cm W 90cm 175kg.

Anfora Ariete + Base Aceste

H 93cm W 48cm Base 30x30cm 100kg
Pedestal: H 50cm W 40cm 60kg.

Ciotola Assisi

H 75cm W 100cm Base 48cm 205kg.

Vaso Cleopatra

H 78cm W 64cm 105kg.

Anfora Italia

(price for vase only)
H 158cm W 80cm Base 50x50cm 413kg.
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