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Italian Water Fountains

This superb range of decorative water fountains are made in Italy from crushed Carrara marble and white cement, then finished by hand. Fountain water features are frost resistant but should be drained in the event of harsh weather.
Prices shown are for cement fountain sections only (all marble cement components). Optional lighting, pumps and spray rings are available. See options.
Note: Some pictures show optional lighting and spray rings. All water fountains are finished 'Antica' (antiqued) unless otherwise stated..
Fontana Alassio

H 100cm W 100cm 240kg

Fontana Violetta

H 90cm W 60x60cm 120kg

Fontana Camogli

H 108cm W 125cm 280kg

Fontana Ischia

H 154cm W 102cm 227kg

Fontana Barcellona

H 178cm W 102cm 275kg

Fontana Delfinetto

H 65cm W 155x120cm 260kg

Fontana Linda (Piccola)

H 215cm W 95cm 387kg

Fontana Sirena

H 140cm L 80cm 260kg

Fontana Jesolo

H 153cm W 120cm 400kg

Fontana Siena

H 165cm W 125cm 390kg

Fontana Portofino

H 147cm W 100cm 264kg

Fontana Livigno

H 180cm W 130cm Base 100cm 245kg

Fontana Genova

H 115cm W internal 200cm 670kg

Fontana Verona

H 120cm W 185cm 355kg

Fontana Lisbona

H 195cm W 130cm Base 100cm 430kg

Fontana Agrigento

H 195cm W 130cm Base 100cm 410kg

Fontana Napoli

H 174cm W 200cm 700kg

Fontana Perugia

H 215cm W internal 200cm 930kg

Fontana Pisa

H 160cm W 150cm 425kg

Fontana Mantova

H 190cm W 150cm 436kg

Fontana Dallas

H 130cm W 265cm 850kg

Fontana Vienna

H 235cm W 150m 440kg

Fontana Ginevra

H 188cm W 250cm 1037kg

Fontana Chioggia

H 160cm W internal 200cm 750kg

Fontana Niagara

H 195cm W 125/88/56cm 510kg

Fontana Firenze

H 190cm W 250cm 900kg

Fontana Bordighera

H 142cm W 240cm / int 200cm. 764kg

Fontana Linda (Grande)

H 275cm W 150cm 637kg

Nuova Fontana S.Margherita

H 212cm W 185cm 600kg

Fontana Dorothea (piccola)

H 200cm W 350cm Internal Bowl 250cm Centre plinth H 54cm 2200kg

Fontana Dorothea (grande)

H 200cm Plinth H 54cm W 490cm Internal Bowl 350cm 3250kg

Fontana San Tropez

H 230cm Inner Bowl 350cm W 444/493cm 3480kg

Fontana Varazze

H 192cm W 350cm / int 250cm

Fontana Mediterraneo

H 285cm Internal Bowl 360cm W 490cm 3413kg

Fontana Berlino

H 275cm Internal Bowl 300cm W 420/400cm 3000kg

Fontana Parigi

H 51cm Inner Bowl 600cm W 686cm 3250kg

Fontana marsiglia

H 255cm Internal Bowl 300cm W 420/440cm 3560kg

Caballa Grande

H 3.5m approx. W 6.9m