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Roman, Greek Columns and Stone Gate Posts

Columns, pedestals and pillars on this page are made in Italy from crushed Carrara marble and fine white sand, finished by hand to give a fantastic finish. Tough and weather resistant (frost, ice).

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Colonna Osaka + Azelea P.

Column: H 178cm Cap W 22cm
Base 36x36cm 125kg
Includes planter.

Colonna Catanzaro

H 195cm W 20cm
Base 32x32cm 200kg

Pilastro Moro

H 233cm (complete gate post as pictured).

Colonna Liberty

H 225cm Internal
Base 34x34cm 256kg

Pilastro Millennium

(each, complete entrance column)
H max 274 cm (including cap)
W ...

Pilastro Millennium Con

(each, complete gate post)
H max 284cm (including pier cap)
W ...

Colonna Pompei + Capitello Liscio

H 275cm W 30cm
Base 40x40cm 291kg

Colonna Gallipoli

H 238cm Internal Dia. 24cm
Base 50x50cm 340kg

Pilastro Martellinato Grande

H 284cm (complete column and pier cap as pictured) 922kg.